Botsford, George James 24.feb.1874-11.feb.1949 USA South Dakota, Vermillion near Sioux Falls - NY, New York
pianist, conductor, bandleader, grew up in Iowa, 1900 residing with his parents-in-law in Centerville Iowa, 1901 in Clermont Iowa, 1902 moved to New York City, music director of stage shows in New York City, 1914 charter member of ASCAP ; son of miller James Giles Botsford (NY, Cattaraugus 20.apr.1823-26.may.1899 Chicago) and Harriet M Smith (NY apr.1842-) ; 5.feb.1898 in Centerville Iowa he married singer Della Mae Wilson (Iowa, Corning jun.1874-)

Title Parts

[L] Black and white rag. 1908
Quartet de clarinets de Barcelona. Ars Harmonica 050

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