Boubee, Alberto (Albert) (pseud: Boubee Albert) 1845-12.feb.1914 Italy, Naples - Naples
cellist, initially a merchant, later studied music with cellist Gaetano Ciandelli in Naples, 1867 settled in England and became english naturalized, 1881 lodging at 114 Marylebone Road in London Marylebone, as cellist he toured Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and several european cities, 1897-1911 as professor of music under the name B. Albert residing with wife, cook, housemaid and servant at 26 Alexander Street in London Paddington, he wrote the pedagogical work La Ginnastica del violoncello, he died at 11 via Megaride Santa Lucia in Naples while residing at 26 Alexander Street in Paddington ; son of composer Pietro Isidoro Boubee (France, Paris 1806-1884 Italy, Naples) ; 30.jul.1894 at St John in London Hampstead he married the 20 year younger sculptor Annie Stewart Miles (London Hampstead 1865-7.aug.1923 Italy, Naples)

Title Parts

[] Reverie. Cello and piano. op11
pub Schott, Mainz 1868

[] Menuett. Piano. op12
pub C. Jefferys, London 1889

[] Gavotte des incroyables. Piano. op13
pub Schott, Mainz. 1881

[] Morceau de salon. Cello and piano. op14
pub Schott, Mainz 1881

[] Pas redouble. Piano. op16
pub Patey & Willis, London 1886

[] Trio in D. Violin, cello and piano. op33
pub Jul. Heinrich Zimmermann, St Petersburg

[] Evedon. Valse de salon. Piano
pub London 1871

[] Chansonnette. Piano
pub London 1871

[] La Ciecanata. Romance
paroles de P. P. Parzanese
pub London 1872

[] Dernier tour. Valse elegante de salon. Piano
pub London 1872

[] The Saldanha march. Piano
pub London 1873

[] All through the silent night in D and E
words Mrs. E. Baker
pub C. Jefferys, London 1879

[] Priere. Cello and piano
pub C. Jefferys, London 1880

[] Sur les bords de l'Oise. Cello and piano
pub Purcell & Co., London 1887
[] 1 - Soupirs
[] 2 - Sourires
[] Etude-Tarantella in a. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London 1890

[] Les debuts du jeune violoncelliste pour violoncelle ou violon avec accompagnement de piano
pub Schott, Mainz 1893
[] 1 - Une plainte
[] 2 - Pensee joyeuse
[] 3 - Trio. Piano, violin and cello
[] 4 - Souvenirs
[] 5 - Saltarelle
[] Thou art fair
pub E. Ascherberg Co., London 1893

[] To a loved one
words Mrs. Archer
pub E. Ascherberg & Co., London 1893

[] Marche militaire pour violoncelle avec piano
pub Johann Andre, Offenbach 1898

[] Barcarolle. Piano
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1903

[] Marche villegeoise. Cello and piano
pub P. Neldner, Riga

[] La gymnastique du violoncelliste (La ginnastica del violoncello). Cello
pub C. Jefferys, London

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