Bouffil (Boufil), Jacques Jules 6.nov.1783-1.nov.1868 France, Muret near Toulouse - Muret
clarinetist, 6 prairial an XI (26.may.1803) entered the Conservatoire de Paris where he studied clarinet with Xavier Lefebre and Charles Duvernoy, 1806 2e accessit, 1808 2e accessit, so in the 6 years of studying the clarinet he did not make any progress and only twice reached a 2e accessit i.e. 4th prize [Fetis: his progress was rapid and he obtained brilliantly the first prize], 1808-1809 studied harmony with Charles Simon Catel, 1809 studied composition privately with Antonin Reicha, 1809 second clarinet at the Opera-Comique in Paris where he later became first clarinet together with Charles Duvernoy and 1825-1831 solo first clarinet, 1812 his Paris residence was 19 Rue des Petits Champs while his home remained Muret for all his life, 1830 he was member of the Muret Municipal Commission in supporting the throne of Louis Philippe I, 1.jul.1833 he was granted a civil pension on which his birthdate is given as 6.nov.1783 (the date 14.may.1783 by Fetis is one of his numerous shameless 'inventions' throughout his Biographie Universelle), he remained active in Paris as concert clarinetist, 1842 returned to Muret and became music teacher and musician in the Garde Nationale in Toulouse, his death was registered in Toulouse ; son of innkeeper Jean Bouffil (Lissac c1732-3.sep.1792 Muret) and Augustine Gros (Mondavezan 5.feb.1741-22.sep.1806 Muret) ; 10.nov.1812 at Saint-Roch in Paris he married Marguerite Louise Cecile Cholat (-6.jan.1864 Muret, registered Toulouse)

Title Parts

Grand duo. 2 Clarinets. op2/1
Alojz Zupan, Andrej Zupan

[] Trois duos pour deux clarinettes. op2
pub Jouve et Gaveaux, Paris

[] Trois duos pour deux clarinettes. op3
pub Jouve et Gaveaux, Paris

[] Duo pour harpe ou piano forte et clarinette. op4
dedication: A Mademoiselle Stephanie
pub Chez l'Editeur, Rue St Honore No.108, Paris

[] Trois duos pour deux clarinettes. op5
pub Jouve et Gaveaux, Paris c1825

[] Trois trios pour trois clarinettes. op7
pub Bleve Freres, Paris 1817
pub A. Petit, Paris

[] Trois trios pour trois clarinettes. op8
pub A. Petit, Paris
pub Schott, Mainz c1827

[] Trois grands trios concertants pour trois clarinettes. op12
dedication: Friedrich Berr (clarinetist, Mannheim 1794-1838 Paris)
pub A. Petit, Paris

[] Airs de la Dame Blanche (Adrien Boieldieu) arranges pour deux clarinettes
pub Janet & Cotelle, Paris c1825
[] 1 - 1re Suite
[] 2 - 2e Suite
[] 3 - 3e Suite
[] Variations brillantes sur La Reine d'un jour. Clarinette en la
music with Edouard Wolff (Warsaw 1816-1880 Paris) from 1835 active in Paris
pub Costallat, Paris a1835

[] Duo pour piano et clarinette
pub Garaude, Paris

[] Trios pour deux clarinettes et basson
pub A. Petit, Paris

[] Ouverture, six airs varies et potpourri d'airs nationaux pour flute, deux clarinettes, deux cors et deux bassons, Livre 1 et 2
pub J. B. Gambaro, Paris

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