Boulanger, Nadia Juliette (fem) 16.sep.1887-22.oct.1979 France, Paris - Paris
pianist, teacher ; sister of Lili

Title Parts

Elegie. Alto and piano. 1907
Rebecca de Pont Davies, Claire Toomer

Three songs. Alto and piano. 1910
Rebecca de Pont Davies, Claire Toomer
1 - The sky at night
2 - With my feelings, with my heart
3 - You spoke to me
Fantasie. Piano and orchestra. 1912
David Greilsammer, Radio France PO / Steven Sloane
1 - Introduction
2 - Theme and variations
3 Pieces for cello and piano. 1915
Reinhard Latzko, Hartmut Schneider
1 - Modere in e flat
2 - Sans vitesse et a l'aise in a
3 - Vite et nerveusement rythme in c flat
Lux aeterna. In memory of Lili. Soprano, harp, violin and cello. 1918
Isabelle Sabrie, Francis Pierre, Olivier Charlier, Raphaelle Semezis / Emile Naoumoff

Soir d'hiver (Winter evening). Alto and piano
Rebecca de Pont Davies, Claire Toomer

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