Brockman, James (Brachman, Jake) 8.dec.1874-22.may.1967 Russia, ? - California, Los Angeles Santa Monica
lyricist, songwriter, actor and comedian in vaudeville and musicals, jewish, 1876 emigrated with his family to the USA and settled in Cleveland Ohio, studied at Cleveland Conservatory, 1900 as Jacob Brachman (single, age 26, born Oct 1873, immigrated 1876) he worked as professional actor in Cleveland, before 1910 residing at 1112 Forest Avenue in New York City, 1910 as composer of music and actor residing with his second wife Rose Simowitz at the home of the Simowitz family at 365 Nepperhan Avenue in New York Yonkers, 1917 as music writer and publisher (WWI registration: born 18.dec.1875) of Kendis-Brockman Music Co. residing with his third wife Jetta at 2079 66th Street Brooklyn, 1917-1924 staff member of the music publishing company Kendis-Brockman Music Co. 145 West 45th Street New York, 1927 he moved to Los Angeles, 1928 owner of Brockman Music Co. Los Angeles, 1930 songwriter for film in Los Angeles, 1930 as single (divorced) composer of music residing at 151 Le Doux Drive Beverly Hills, 1935-1940 as divorced musician and composer (born Russia 1882) lodging at 539 South Oxford Avenue Los Angeles, buried at Mount Sinai Memorial Park Los Angeles ; son of Austrian parents Moses (Morris) Brockman and Frieda Robinowitz ; 22.mar.1910 in Pittsfield Massachusetts composer of music and actor James Brockman (born 1876) married schoolteacher Rose Simowitz (New York Yonkers 1888-) which was his second marriage, divorced 1913 Chicago ; 7.jun.1914 in Cleveland (as Jake Brachman born 1875) he married teacher Yetta Beckerman (Cleveland 17.jul.1888-17.nov.1970) which was his third marriage, by 1923 they were divorced ; daughter Lola Brockman (Cleveland 15.aug.1914-7.jun.2002 Cleveland)

[ASCAP 1980 gives his birth erroneously as 8.dec.1886]

Title Parts

[L] I'm forever blowing bubbles. Song. pub New York 4jan1919
music Jaan Kenbrovin (pseudonym for James Kendis, James Brockman and Nat Vincent)
lyrics John William Kellette
Mr. Norton on musical saw. Flyback 2003

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