Bronnemuller (Brunnemuller), Elias 1666-17.sep.1762 Germany, ?Hamburg - Netherlands, Amsterdam
violinist, according to Dirk Balfoort he studied with Alessandro Scarlatti, Carlo Ambrosio Lunati and Arcangelo Corelli, 1690 he was teacher of Johann Mattheson (Hamburg 1681-1764), 1703 active in Kleve, 1706 resided in Den Haag, 1709 music master in Amsterdam

[the biographical information is from Mattheson and MGG1 ; the exact date of death is probably from musicologist Rudolf Rasch ; the year of death seems doubtful because he only published between 1709-1712]

Title Parts

Toccatina no1 in D. Organ
1st movement of a suite from Fasciculus musicus. pub Leeuwarden 1711
Peter van Dijk at 1745 Zsemrad organ, monastery Mileshka Czechoslovakia

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