Brooks, Shelton (Sheldon) Leroy 4.may.1886-6.sep.1975 Canada Ontario, Amesburg (Amherstburg) - California, Los Angeles Winnetka
pianist, of African descent, 1890 residing in Toronto, 1900 in Raleigh Ontario, 1901 in Detroit Michigan, started as pianist at cafe's in Detroit, 45 years vaudeville entertainer in the US and Canada, 1923 toured Europe with Lew Leslie's Blackbirds, songwriter for Al Jolson, Nora Bayes and Sophie Tucker ; son of clergyman Peter Brooks (USA 16.jul.1841-) and Laura Smith (Indiana 3.mar.1849-) ; 11.jun.1909 in Cleveland Ohio he married Lena Malinda Boyd (Michigan, Adrian 19.oct.1885-14.may.1967 Los Angeles)

Title Parts

[L] Some of these days. Song. 1909
made famous by Sophie Tucker 1909
Hot and Swing Amateur Dance Orchestra / Bernard Heuvelmans. r1936

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