Buckley, Richard Bishop 29.oct.1826-6.jun.1867 England Lancashire, Bolton - USA Massachusetts, Boston Quincy (stroke of paralysis)
minstrel singer, 1839 his family settled in Boston Massachusetts, 1842 singer of the Congo Melodists, 1844 of the Buckley's Minstrels, 1846 of the New Orleans Serenaders organized by his father James Buckley (1803-27.apr.1872 Quincy) together with his brothers minstrel singer George Swayne Buckley (Bolton 1829-1879) and violinist and composer Frederick Buckley (Bolton 1833-16.sep.1864 Boston)

performances: 1842-1844 at Tremont Theatre and the Tabernacle Boston, 8.jan.1845- nov.1847 Park Theatre New York, jul.1846-oct.1847 touring England, 1849 California, 1849-1850 New Orleans, sep.1849 at Samsom Street Hall and Masonic Hall Philadelphia, 1851 Mexico, 1852-jun.1853 San Francisco, 12.may.1853 arrived at New York from San Juan del Norte Nicaragua, jun.1853 settled in New York opening an opera house at the Chinese Rooms, 25.aug.1856-9.jan.1858 at Broadway, dec.1857 at Jayne's Hall Philadelphia, 1858- 13.oct.1862 with vocalist Julia Gould at Allston Hall (Tremont Theatre) Boston, 21.mar.1860-1861 with Julia Gould (London c1826-) touring England, 1861 lodging in Derby with Mary Anne Bailey Hollins (Derby c1811-) and her son professor of music and musical instrument seller Joseph Henry Hollins (Derby 1839-1908 Derby), 22.dec.1862-3.jan.1863 with Julia Gould at Palace of Music New York, 5.jan.1863-31.jan.1863 at Stuyvesant Institute New York, 15.jun.1863-10.feb.1867 settled in Boston opening a new hall at Sumner Street

Title Parts

[L] I'm a good old rebel. Baritone
attributed to R. Bishop Buckley
Alan Baker. New World 202-2

[] Wait for the wagon
music R. Bishop Buckley, arr by George P. Knauff, pub Baltimore 24 May 1851
music R. Bishop Buckley, arr by W. Loftin Hargrave pub by John Marsh, Philadelphia 1851
music R. Bishop Buckley, arr by Willard Stein pub by G. W. Brainard & Co., Louisville 1853
music R. Bishop Buckley pub by S. T. Gordon, New York c1856
Tenor, Victor Mixed Chorus. "Songs of the past no.20". Victor Recordings 35585 28jun1916
also on CD's "The Civil War" and "Abraham Lincoln sings on". AmeriMusic. Douglas Jimerson tenor
also on CD "Great marches vol.7". Bandleader Recordings. Band of the Royal Corps of Transports England

[] Tapioca
music R. Bishop Buckley, arr for voice, chorus and piano by Edward Warden
pub Henry Tolman & Co, Boston ?1860

[] Her name was Isabella
pub Henry Tolman & Co, Boston

[] Patchwork song
pub Henry Tolman & Co, Boston

[] Songs and Ballads as sung by R. Bishop and G. Swain Buckley of the Buckley's Minstrels
? music by R. Bishop Buckley or George Swayne Buckley or both
pub Henry Tolman & Co., Boston 1865
[] 1 - The organ grinder
[] 2 - She had such wheedling ways
[] 3 - The hard ware line
[] 4 - The german band
[] 5 - The fair girl dressed in check
[] 6 - Have you seen her lately?
[] 7 - The preambuler
originally published by William Hall & Son New York, Root & Cady Chicago, H. L. Story Burlington Vermont, W. T. Webster Lynn Massachusetts
2003-11-21 17:48:38