Burck, Rainer 1953- Germany, Bad Urach near Stuttgart
pianist, studied piano and composition in Stuttgart and electroacoustic music with Wilfried Jentzsch in Nuremberg, studied musicology and philosophy at the University of Tubingen ; brother of percussionist Martin Burck (Freudenstadt 1954-) of Bad Urach ; husband of composer Mari Vihmand

Title Parts

[N] Album Without fear. 1999
Gunter Marx violin, Miriam Arnold flute, Martin Burck percussion. Earsay 99001
2 - Des ombres de la nuit. Tape (organ of the Frauenkirche Esslingen)
3 - STRINGendo. Violin and electronics
4 - Improvisation PVC. Electronics (Piano, Voice and Cello)
5 - Flautando. Flute and electronics
6 - ...ohne Schrecken. Tape
2004-11-17 01:37:36