Burke, John 'Johnny' Francis 3.oct.1908-25.feb.1964 USA California, Antioch - NY, New York
lyricist, pianist, 1924-1925 studied at Crane College in Chicago, 1925-1927 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, 1926 pianist and salesman with music publishers in Chicago and New York, 1936 under contract to Paramount in Hollywood, formed a music publishing company with James van Heusen ; son of iron construction worker William Earl Burke (Illinois 1885-) and Mary Agnes Mungovan (Illinois 1887-) ; 1938 he married Bessie Beatrice Patterson (New Mexico, Hot Springs 23.feb.1918-2.mar.1983 Los Angeles)

Title Parts

[P] Pennies from heaven. 1936
music Arthur Johnston
Rose Murphy voice and piano

[L] Imagination. 1940
music Jimmy van Heusen
Coleman Hawkins tenor saxophone, Teddy Wilson piano, Israel Crosby bass, Cozy Cole drums. rec1944

[] Swinging on a star
music Jimmy van Heusen
from the Bing Crosby film Going my way
Academy Award for best song 1944

[] If love ain't there
words and music Johnny Burke
Nat King Cole

[] I hate little boys
music Johnny Burke

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