Burke, Joseph Francis 'Sonny' 22.mar.1914-31.may.1980 USA Pennsylvania, Scranton - California, Santa Monica
jazz pianist, violinist, bandleader, studied at the University of Detroit, 1937 BA in english from Duke University in Durham NC, arranger for dance orchestras, 1938 moved to New York, 1949-1963 artist and repertoire director for Decca and 1963-1966 for Reprise Records in Hollywood, 1953-1970 music director for Warner Bros, 1970-1973 own record label Daybreak ; son of lingerie shopkeepers Frank Powell Burke (Pa, Chester 5.feb.1888-) and Rhoda Nihany (Syria 1891-) who divorced 1926 ; 10.sep.1927 Rhoda remarried and Sonny became stepson of life insurance agent Joseph Marcel Sayer (Egypt 8.dec.1899-a1993 Detroit) ; 1940 he married Dorothy Sibley Gillis (Detroit 25.oct.1920-11.jun.1994 Los Angeles)

Title Parts

[P] Black coffee. Song. 1948
words Paul Francis Webster
Ella Fitzgerald, Orchestra / Gordon Jenkins. Dreyfus Jazz 36718

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