Burnett, Ernie (ne Bernadetti, Ernest Mark) 19.dec.1884-11.sep.1959 USA Ohio, Cincinnati - NY, Saranac Lake
pianist, lyricist, 1896-1900 studied piano and organ privately with Luigi Donoso in Milan, Oscar Kurtz in Berlin and Ephraim Joachim in Charlottenburg, studied at the University of Milan Italy and Charlottenburg Conservatory Germany, 1901 returned to the US and served in the Boxer Rebellion in China, 1901-1902 studied at the University of Missouri, started as concert pianist before becoming vaudeville pianist/director, 1902-1906 based in San Francisco, 1906-1912 in Denver Colorado, then turned to songwriting in Hollywood, 1917 employed as musician by Rector Bookwage Co. Kansas and lodging at Edwards Hotel Kansas City, 1918 WWI he served in the US Army AEF winning the Belgian Cross and the French Croix de Guerre, back in the US it took him 4 years in a sanatorium in Arizona to recover from tuberculosis and until 1932 to take up songwriting in New York, 1946 he became engaged in music publishing ; son of Ernesto Marco Bernadetti and Carmelia Ferrari (by 1917 he had adopted Rebecca Woodall of Rushville Missouri as his mother) ; 30.sep.1944 still single he married Anna Maria Loughlin

Title Parts

[L] My melancholy baby. Song. 1910
revised lyrics George A. Norton 1911
pub Theron Bennett Co., Denver Colorado 1911
the title was changed from Melancholy to My melancholy baby in 1912
Charlie Parker sax, Dizzy Gillespie trumpet, Thelonious Monk piano, Curly Russell bass, Buddy Rich drums. Dreyfus 36737-2

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