Burns, Ralph 29.jun.1922-21.nov.2001 USA Massachusetts, Newton - California, Los Angeles
jazz pianist, 1938-1939 studied at New England Conservatory Boston, piano with Marion Deviney, arranger with the Charlie Barnet Orchestra and with Woody Herman, arranger for Broadway musicals and later for film

Title Parts

[J] Lenny. Film score. USA 1974
Dustin Hoffman as Lenny Bruce (comedian b.1925, often arrested for obscenity, committed suicide by morphine overdose 1966)
tracks from MGM Home Entertainment 16189 :
- To come. Dustin Hoffman, no music
- Niggers. Dustin Hoffman, no music
- Blah blah. Jazz ensemble with piano, Dustin Hoffmann
- Cocksucker. Dustin Hoffman, no music
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