Burrowes, John Freckleton jr. 22.sep.1829-3.jun.1901 England, London Marylebone - London Marylebone
organist, 4.dec.1829 baptized at St James in London Westminster, 1851 as organist residing with his parents at 13 Nottingham Place Marylebone, 1851-1894 organist of St James's Piccadilly London, 1901 as retired organist residing at 30 Sussex Place Regent's Park ; son of composer John Freckleton sr. ; he never married and lived all his life with his two never married sisters and two servants

Title Parts

[] Four organ pieces with obligato pedal part. Organ. op1
pub Chappell & Co., London 1849

[] Fugue for the organ. London 1860. op2
[] Fugue for the diapasons. Organ. London 1860
[] Sad thoughts "Oh! ask me not". Song. London 1862
[] Cantis. Solo for the pianoforte. London 1876
[] Prelude and fugue in c. Organ. c1880
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