Butterworth, David Neil 4.sep.1934- England, London Streatham
hornist, conductor, writer on music, 1958 BM from London University, 1960-1962 studied horn with Ian Beers and Francis Bradley at the Guildhall School of Music, 1965 MM from Nottingham University, studied at the Rutlish School John Carol Case Nottingham University, 1959 founder/conductor of the Erato Orchestra, 1960-1964 conductor of the Sutton Symphony Orchestra, 1961 residing at 32 Bournemouth Road in London Merton Park, 1963-1980 teacher at Kingston College of Further Education, 1968-1979 director of music at the College of Commerce in Edinburgh, 1968-1987 teacher/head music department at Napier College in Edinburgh, 1968-1972 conductor of the Edinburgh Secondary Schools Choir, 1971-1976 residing at 17 Morningside Place in Edinburgh, 1975-1983 conductor of the Glasgow Orchestral Society, 1983-1985 conductor of the Edinburgh Chamber Orchestra, 1996 still residing in Edinburgh, 2000 he had retired to West Linton Peeblesshire Scotland, 2004-2008 to Greenlaw in Berwickshire Scotland ; 23.apr.1960 in Surrey he married composer Anna Mary Barnes

Title Parts

[] Prelude and scherzo. Horn in F and pianoforte
pub Chappell, London 1961

[] Pastorale. Oboe or descant recorder or clarinet in B flat and piano
pub New Wind Music Co., London 1961
pub Nova Music, Hove Sussex 1986

[] The dream of a girl at Sevenoaks. Unison song
words William Brighty Rands
pub Chappell, London 1960

[] Rumpelstiltzkin. Musical fairy tale
narration by J. Roger Baker
pub Mills Music, London 1961

[] Two animal songs for young children. Unison voices
pub Chappell & Co., London 1961
[] 1 - The moo-cow-moo. words Edmund Vance Cook
[] 2 - If I had a donkey. words traditional
[] Horn concerto. b1962
[] Budapest. Overture. b1962
[] Three orchestral pieces. b1962
[] Three times three. Suite for three clarinets
pub Chappell, London 1964
[] 1 - Prelude
[] 2 - Elegy
[] 3 - March
[] Summer music. Strings. b1969
[] Kettlebury Hill. Oboe and orchestra. b1969
pub for oboe and piano Banks Music 1978

[] Scott cantata. Soprano, bass, mixed choir and piano. Edinburgh 1971
words Sir Walter Scott

[] Ghost cantata. b1972
[] The Bluebird Line. b1972
BBC Radio

[] Ewell Court suite. Piano
pub Banks Music, York 1974

[] Wedding fanfare. Organ
pub Oecumuse, Norfolk 1984

[] Adagio and rondo a la scherzo. Piano right hand
pub Barry Brunton, London 1984

[] Sunset song. b1985
[] Mixed doubles. Baroque quartet. b1985
[] Letter to the world. Song cycle. b1985
[] Count Dracula. Opera. b1985
[] The bonnie Sidlaw hills. Partsong for SATB unaccompanied
words William McGonagall
pub Barry Brunton, London 1985

[] Glan Deva. Piano
pub Barry Brunton, London 1985

[] Dunblane
[] In memory Auschwitz
[] Dances for Dalkeith
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