Byers, William 'Billy' Mitchell 1.may.1927-1.may.1996 USA California, Los Angeles - Los Angeles Encino
jazz trombonist, 1941 suffering from arthritis he had to give up the piano, studied at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts, played in the orchestras of Buddy Rich, Benny Goodman and Kenny Clarke, arranger for Count Basie and Duke Ellington ; son of doctor of medicine William Mitchell Byers sr. (Washington, Spokane 30.may.1895-12.apr.1982 Los Angeles) and Mary Eliza Stevens (Wisconsin, Glenwood 13.oct.1900-17.jan.1998 Los Angeles) ; 1.jul.1962 in Los Angeles he married Lily Yuriko Saito (japanese born Hawaii 1939-)

Title Parts

[J] Sacha, Bill et Bobby
Sacha Distel guitar, Billy Beyers trombone, Bobby Jaspar sax, Rene Urtreger piano. Paris 1957. Gitanes 980692

[J] Stop and go
Sacha Distel guitar, Bobby Jaspar flute, Rene Urtreger piano. Paris 1957. Gitanes 980692

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