Cadman, Charles Wakefield 24.dec.1881-30.dec.1946 USA Pennsylvania, Johnstown - California, Los Angeles

Title Parts

[] A witch of Salem. Opera Execution of supposed witch in the riligious village Salem:
- Text 1:30 : She's a witch I tell you, last night at midnight I saw her praying by the window...and as she turned her to look at me I saw the red cross of the devil on her thest.
- Song for bass 1:30 : Last night I dreamd a peaceful dream.
* - Fragment 17:30 : Mezzo-soprano and choir: Ever sweet and kind was she, and young, too young to die. With soprano, mezzo-soprano: Let me go to the carbenoor, she may yet be saved. Fragment ends with choir and soprano, last sentence: In that land I wait for you
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