Campanini, Barbara 'Barberina' (fem) 1721-7.jul.1799 Italy, Parma - Germany, castle Barschau
ballerina, no composer

Title Parts

[] Barberrinis menuet in G
ms Statens Musikbibliotek, Stockholm Sweden

also known as Menuet. Song "Think when to pleasure"
pub London, ms British Museum London

this menuet is erroneously attributed to Campanini Barberini (where the family name Campanini is considered as a given name)

this menuet is an arrangement from Johann Adolf Hasse Concerto op3/1 for german flute, 2 violins, viola and harpsichord. London 1741

[this menuet was most likely dedicated to, or named after Barberina Campanini or less likely arranged from Hasse by a composer named Barberini]

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