Allan, Maria Caterina Rosalbina de Munck (Caradori-Allan, Maria) 1800-15.oct.1865 Italy, Milan - England Surrey, Surbiton
soprano, she took her mother's maiden name Caradori as stage name, born with french nationality at Casa Palatina in Milan, 12.jan.1822 debuted at the King's Theatre London, sang at all the english cathedral festivals, 1834 in the Handel Festival at Westminster Abbey, 1836 at the Manchester Festival, 1846 at the end of her career at the Birmingham Festival, 1860-1865 residing with husband, ladysmaid, cook and housemaid at Elm Lodge on Hill Road in Surbiton ; daughter of army officer Baron de Munck of Alsace France and singer Caradori native of St Petersburg Russia ; 16.aug.1823 at St James Westminster she married the secretary of King's Theatre/landed proprietor/fundholder Edward Thomas Allan (London St James 1798-15.sep.1862 Surbiton)

Title Parts

[] Lay of the sylph (Sono il silfo). Canzonetta
composed by Madamme Caradori Allan
pub Fiot, Meignen & Co., Philadelphia 1838
pub Wm. Dubois, New York 1841
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1847

[] La farfalla. Duettino
words conte Carlo Pepoli
pub Leader & Cock, London 1844

[] Il Pellegrino. Canzonetta
words signor P. d' Allessandro
pub Leader & Cock, London 1844

[] Stella mattutina. Arietta
words V. Pistrucci
pub Augener & Co., London 1848

[] The fairy's song
words M. Watson
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1877

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