Carey, Henry 27.aug.1687-4.oct.1743 England Yorkshire, Halifax - London Clerkenwell (suicide by hanging)
singer, poet, playwright ; illegitimate son of George Savile marquis of Halifax (Thornhill 11.nov.1633-5.apr.1695) and Mary Carey since 1691 schoolmistress at Old Boswell Court London Westminster ; c1730 he married Sarah ; daughter Susannah (St James Clerkenwell 6.sep.1734-), son Henry Savile (St James Clerkenwell 28.feb.1737-8.aug.1742), son playwright George Savile (St James Clerkenwell 11.nov.1738(not 1743)-1807 London), son William Savile (St James Clerkenwell 25.feb.1740-), son Charles Colborne (St James Clerkenwell 23.may.1743-)

Title Parts

God save the King (God save the Queen). first publication in Harmonia Anglicana 1742
National anthem of England. composer unknown
attrib without evidence to Henry Carey
also attrib without evidence to Anthony Young
BBC Singers, Symphony Chorus and Orchestra / Leonard Slatkin

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