Carter, Betty 'bebop' (nee Jones, Lillie Mae) (fem) 16.may.1929-26.sep.1998 USA Michigan, Flint - NY, New York Brooklyn
jazz singer

Title Parts

[P] Jay bird. Voice and orchestra. 1948
Betty Carter, Lionel Hampton Orchestra

[P] The way you look tonight. Voice, piano, flute. 1955
Betty Carter, Ray Brian, Jerome Richardson. New York

[P] Most gentlemen don't like love. Voice, piano, bass, drums. 1976
Betty Carter. New York

[] Album Look what I got 1988 The good life. Voice, t-sax, piano, bass, drums
Betty Carter, Don Braden, Steven Scott, Ira Coleman, Louis Nash
[] Album Droppin' things. 1990 [P] Thirty years
[P] All or nothing at all. Voice and bass. 1993
Betty Carter, Dave Holland

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