Carter, Charles Thomas 1734-12.oct.1804 Ireland, Dublin - England, London
organist, mar.1740 chorister at Christ Church Cathedral Dublin, 10.dec.1751-1754 and 1767-sep.1769 organist of St Werburgh near Dublin, 1757-1763 of St Peter, 1770-1771 traveled Italy and 1771-1772 theatre conductor in Bengal India, 1773 settled in London, director of music at the Royalty Theatre London ; elder son of Christ Church Cathedral choirmember Timothy Carter who subscribed to Twelve songs by John Barker of Coventry in 1741 and to Eight songs by Jeremiah Clark of London Worcester in 1760 ; 1769 at St Werburgh he married Margaret May ; brother of Samson Carter

[Sainsbury 1824 confused him with Thomas Carter (Dublin may.1769-8.nov.1800 London)]

Title Parts

[] [] Stand to your guns. Song
words Charles Dibdin
pub Edwin Ashdown Ltd., London 1855

[] Hear my prayer. Anthem 3/4vv
in Ten full anthems, London c1760

[] O Nannie, wilt thou gang wi' me (O Nanny, wilt thou fly with me). Song sung at Vaux-Hall. 1773-1775
words from Percy's Reliques

[] 6 Sonatas. Harpsichord/piano, violin and cello. 1774. op3
[] The soldier's farewell on the eve of a battle. Song
[] Sing unto God. Anthem
[] I cried unto the Lord. Anthem
[] Te Deum
[] Jubilate in C
[] Service in C
[] Carillons de Dunkerque. Harpsichord/piano/organ
[] Amintas. Opera pasticcio. Dublin jul1765 and Covent Garden London dec1769 and Covent Garden London 25feb1783
music with S. Arnold and P. Guglielmi after George Rusk
libretto Giusto Ferdinando Tenducci

[] The rival candidates. Comic opera. Drury Lane Theatre, London 1feb1775
libretto H. Bate Dudley

[] The Milesian. Opera. Drury Lane Theatre, London 20mar1777
libretto Isaac Jackman

[] The fair American. Comic opera. Drury Lane Theatre, London 18may1782. op10
libretto F. Pilon

[] The birthday "Arcadian contest". Pastorale. Palmer's Royal Theatre, London 3jul1787
[] The constant maid "Poll of Plympton". Pastorale. Palmer's Well Box Square, London 16jan1788
libretto J. O'Keefe

[] Just in time. Comic opera. Covent Garden, London 10may1792
libretto Thomas Hurlstone

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