Carter, Ernest Trow 3.sep.1866-21.jun.1953 USA New Jersey, Orange - Connecticut, Wallack's Point Stamford
organist, choirmaster, 1888 BA from Princeton University, 1893 director of Thacher School in Ojai California, 1894-1898 studied composition with Wilhelm Freudenberg in Berlin, 1895-1897 with Otis Boise in Berlin, 1897-1898 organ with Arthur Egidi in Berlin, 1899 MA in organ with Homer N Bartlett from Columbia University, 1899-1901 organist/choirmaster in Princeton, 1901 moved to New York where he worked as conductor

Title Parts

[] The white bird. Opera. 1916, concert perf Carnegie Hall New York 23may1922, staged Studebaker Theatre Chicago 6mar1924
libretto B. Hooker
won the David Bispham Medal 1924

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