Carter, Frederick George 5.mar.1913-28.jul.1998 England Middlesex, Enfield - Canada British Columbia, Richmond
organist, choirmaster, pianist, studied organ with Harold Darke, studied organ, piano and composition with Harold Watts, 1938-1941 organist/choirmaster of St Saviour Church Stroud Green, 1941-1948 organist of St Paul's Church St Albans, 1947 director of music at Aylesford House, 1948 at Hitchin Grammar School, 1951-1966 organist/choirmaster of St Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh Ireland, 1966 emigrated to Canada Vancouver, 1966 organist of St John's Church Shaughnessy ; 1940 in London Edmonton he married Joan Herbert

Title Parts

Psalm 119 Blessed are those that are undefiled. Choir and organ
comp by Carter - ? Frederick George
Royal School of Church Music Millennium Youth Choir / Gordon Stewart, Timothy Byram-Wigfield

[] Manor house. Hymn tune
used with the hymn What a friend we have in Jesus by Joseph Scriven

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