Carter, Thomas may.1769-8.nov.1800 Ireland, Dublin - England, London Bedford
singer, c1788 the Earl of Inchiquin paid for his study in Naples Italy, for a short time musical director of Calcutta Theatre India, died of liver complaint, at time of death he lived at the home of his wife in Cookham Berkshire ; 27.nov.1793 at St Andrew in London Holborn he married Mary Wells (Buckinghamshire, Ellesborough 1765-4.feb.1829 Wycombe)

[Sainsbury 1824 confused him with Charles Thomas Carter (Dublin 1734-12.oct.1804 London)]

Title Parts

[] Goodman White and Gaffer Grey. Vocal duet. c1796. op24
attributed to Thomas Carter (1769-1800)

[] Canzonet. One or two voices. c1799. op25
attributed to Thomas Carter (1769-1800)

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