Carter, Thomas Morrill 24.dec.1841-4.jan.1934 USA New Hampshire, Newton - Massachusetts, Boston
trombonist, bandmaster, painter and no earlier than 1880 professional musician, lived with his parents in Newton until his marriage in 1875, 1860 trombonist and bandleader of the Newburyport Band Massachusetts, 1862 joined the D C Hall Band in Boston, 1869-1870 conductor on the steamer Providence of the Fall River Line, 1871-1919 organized and conducted the Carter's Band, 1933 aged 92 still conducting bands, he was Freemason and 1933 directed a ceremony of the Aleppo Temple of the Mystic Shrine ; son of farmer Thomas Webster Carter (Newton 27.mar.1800-) and Ann C (Massachusetts, Amesbury 1812-8.oct.1851 Newton) ; 4.dec.1875 in Woodstock Vermont he married singer Prudence 'Percy' Simpson Hazen (Woodstock 10.jan.1849-17.feb.1937 Liverpool NY)

[Kenneth W Berger 1960 gives erroneusly born Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania]

Title Parts

[] Boston Commandery march. Band
pub E. C. Ramsdell, Boston 1892

[] Triennial march. Brass band
pub Cundy Music Co., Boston 1895

[] Grand Commandery march. Band
pub Thomas Morril Carter, Boston 1908

[] The Banner march. Band
pub Cundy Music Co., Boston 1926

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