Cave 'Ashton' (nee Andrews), Gertrude Eva Holman (fem) 17.apr.1855-?? England Surrey, Southwark - ?, ?
opera soprano, born at 27 West Square, 1855 baptized at St Vedast on Fosterlane London, 4.jan.1863 second baptism at St Matthew on Friday Street London, studied voice with her mother and under Thomas Thorpe Pede, 21.oct.1868 at a concert in Richmond organized by her mother in aid of the funds for the British Schools she sang 'Spirit of good' which was loudly re-demanded, 1870 residing with her divorced mother at 38 Welbeck Street in Marylebone, 29.sep.1873 under the pseudonym Miss Gertrude Ashton she made her opera debut as Princess Zalouna in Thorpe Pede's opera 'The magic pearl' at Alexandra Palace Theatre in London Camden Town, 1876 sang at the Popular Concerts in London and with Mr. Sims Reeves in the provinces, 1877 singer with the Hersee Opera Company, 1879 with the Blanche Cole Company, appeared at the principal concerts in many provincial towns and in London, 1876-1878 residing at 27 Henrietta Street in London, 1881 as operatic vocalist residing with her husband with no profession, 3 children, nurse, housemaid and cook at 34 Devonshire Street in London Marylebone ; daughter of soprano/composer Jenny Andrews and coal merchant/warehouseman John Holman Andrews (Devonport 1812-) who divorced 7.jun.1864 ; 1875 she married the rentier Frank Hugh Cave (Middlesex 1840-) ; son Harold Constant (Marylebone 27.dec.1875-), son Arthur Reeves (Marylebone 18.mar.1877-19.nov.1948 Birmingham), dau Eva Jenny Constant (Marylebone 11.jul.1878-) ; 1891 she had died or was widowed or divorced and remarried without taking the children (1891 all children were at boarding homes until they married e.g. of boys home master Arthur E Hamerton and drawing and singing teacher master Charles Barch both in Kingham Oxfordshire)

Title Parts

[] Angels. Song
words J. F. Waller, music Gertrude Holman Andrews aged 17
pub Duff & Stewart Ltd., London 6jan1872

[] The heart's refrain "I am the flower"
words I. M. Mortimer, music Gertrude Holman Andrews
pub London 1874
ms British Library London

[] Lord to Thee. Prayer on the Eve of Battle
words M. L. H., music Gertrude Ashton
pub London 1875
ms British Library London

dedicated to Gertrude Andrews :
The lark. Duet for two mezzo-soprano voices
dedicated to the Misses Edith and Gertrude Holman-Andrews
composed by Ignace Gibsone
pub Duncan Davison & Co., 244 Regent Street, London 26apr1873

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