Chenoweth, Wilbur Rossiter 'Ross' 5.jun.1899-23.mar.1980 USA Nebraska, Tecumseh - California, Los Angeles
pianist, organist, 1914-1916 studied at Lincoln Musical College, 1916-1918 BM from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, 1919-1920 studied piano with Sigismond Stojowski and 1922-1923 with Alexander Lambert and 1923-1925 composition with Pietro Yon in New York City, 1930-1938 professor of organ, piano and composition at the University of Nebraska, 1928-1938 organist/choirmaster of the First Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln, 1938-1962 organist/choirmaster of the Neighborhood Church in Los Angeles Pasadena, 1939-1944 teacher piano at the Occidental College in Los Angeles

Title Parts

[] The match makers. Musical revue
by Lamar Burling, Wilbur Chenoweth and Joyce Ayres, students of the University of Nebraska
Harriett Cruise-Kemmer and Joyce Ayres title roles, Kosmet Klub, Liberty Theater, Lincoln 19oct1928

[] One rose. The last of your bouquet. High voice and piano in E flat
copyright music Wilbur Chenoweth, words John Rogers (pseud. of Eric von der Goltz) and Joyce Ayres 19dec1932
pub Carl Fischer, New York 19dec1932
copyright renewal Wilbur Chenoweth, Eric von der Goltz and W. Joyce Ayres 22jan1960

[] Love everlasting. Waltz. Voice and piano
music Wilbur Chenoweth, words Joyce Ayres
pub Boston Music Co., Boston 26dec1933
copyright music Wilbur Chenoweth 13feb1934
copyright renewal Wilbur Chenoweth 3jul1961

[] Hail varsity. University of Nebraska football song. Voice and piano
Nebraska Cornhuskers football team
music Wilbur Chenoweth, words Joyce Ayres
pub Innocent Society, University of Nebraska, Lincoln 1936
copyright music Wilbur Chenoweth (1899-), Lincoln Nebraska 31dec1936
copyright revised music Wilbur Chenoweth and revised words W. Joyce Ayres 28dec1945
pub Carl Fisher, New York 28dec1945
arr for band Charles Miller, pub Carl Fisher, New York 16sep1953
copyright renewal Wilbur Chenoweth (music) and Mrs. Warren J. Ayres (words) 12mar1964
copyright renewal words Wilbur Chenoweth and Warren Joyce Ayres 4may1964
copyright renewal revised music Wilbur Chenoweth and words Warren Joyce Ayres 5feb1973
[the different copyrights reflect the several revisions of the words]

[] I'm ridin' back to Arizona. Song
music Wilbur Chenoweth, words Joyce Ayres
copyright music Wilbur Ross Chenoweth, Pacific Palisades, California 6sep1938
copyright renewal music Wilbur Chenoweth 29jun1970

[] Welcome to Nebraska
music Wilbur Chenoweth, words Joyce Ayres
pub Native Sons & Daughters of Nebraska 15feb1961

[] Holiday in Hawaii
music Wilbur Cheney (Chenoweth), words Joyce Ayres
pub Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub. Co. (a division of Teleklew Productions Inc.) 10dec1962

[] Alpha Tau Omega, A.T.O. centennial song
music Wilbur Chenoweth, words Warren Joyce Ayres
pub Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Champaign Illinois 19mar1965

[] Welcome to Nebraska, official song of the Native Sons and Daughters of Nebraska. Voice and piano
music Wilbur Chenoweth, words Joyce Ayres
pub C. Fischer, New York 1968

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