Clark, Henry W aug.1864-1948 USA NY, Leyden - Boonville
musician, farmer, his highest education was elementary school, he never married and lived until 1905 with his parents on a farm in Leyden who had lived there since their marriage in 1846, 1905 he moved to a home of his own at 8 Thayer Hill Road in Leyden where his mother died in 1908 and where he still resided in 1910, newspapers of 1908 said his home was in Boonville and newspapers of 1921 called him a Boonville musician, so apparently Leyden was considered as being a part of Boonville, 1940 aged 75 still working full-time as farmer in Leyden, he was buried at Boonville Cemetary ; son of farmer Stephen Clark (Connecticut 1820-21.sep.1896 Leyden) and Mary C Spencer (Connecticut, Haddam 30.jun.1828-16.sep.1908 Leyden)

Title Parts

[] New York state song
words and music Henry W. Clark
pub Henry W. Clarke, Boonville NY 1921
the Boonville Herald of 21apr1921 reports that Henry W. Clark just published a song entitled New York state song and march

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