Coca, Arthur Fernandez 20.mar.1875-11.dec.1959 USA Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - New Jersey, Oradell
organist, doctor, professor of medicine, AB 1896 and AM 1899 from Haverford College Philadelphia, 1900 MD from the University of Pennsylvania, 1900 organist at the Presbyterian Church in Wayne Pennsylvania, 1918-1934 taught medicine in New York, 1934-1959 resided in Oradell and was allergist for Lederle in nearby Pearl River ; son of professor of music Joseph Lina Fernandez Coca (Cuba 1825-14.jan.1880 Philadelphia) and Augustine Ware (1880 remarried Howson) (NJ, Pilesgrove 22.mar.1848-1926 Pennsylvania, Radnor) ; 27.apr.1903 in Philadelphia he married Marietta Alice Clews ; related to music teacher, violinist and orchestra conductor at Grand Opera House Broad Street Philadelphia, Jose Fernandez y Coca jr. (Philadelphia 12.mar.1880-)]

Title Parts

[] New York state song
music A. F. Coca (Arthur Fernandez Coca during his study at Haverford College)
words Elliot Field (1875-)
pub W. H. Boner & Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1899
not officially adopted as State song for New York

I love New York 1977 by Steve Karmen (b. New York Bronx, NY 31jan1937) was adopted as New York state song in 1980

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