Cope, William Henry bap.21.jan.1807-17.apr.1901 England, London Lambeth - London Peckham
professor of music, music seller in London, 21.jan.1807 baptized at St Mary Lambeth, 7.nov.1837 he visited the USA, 1891 widowed and living with his daughter Maria at 18 Camplin Street in Hatcham London being a member of the parish of St Paul Deptford, at time of death he lived with his widowed daughter Maria at 178 Choumert Road Peckham ; son of composer and music publisher William Peter Richard Cope (c1770-) and Elizabeth Wilson Sindry ; he married Harriet (Lincolnshire, Denton 1821-) ; daughter novelist Maria E Cope (London Woolwich 1862-)

Title Parts

[] Kyrie, Creed, Offertoria, Sanctus and Gloria in excelsis in F
pub Novello & Co. Ltd., London

[] A collection of anthems by eminent English composers. William Henry Cope, Sir Bart.
edited for 4 parts with piano or organ accompaniment by William Henry Cope
publisher Ollivier, London 1849

this is not by William Henry Cope (1807-1901) but by Rev. Sir William Henry Cope (1811-1892), Baronet of Bramshill House, Hampshire

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