Cordier, Baude (Beau de) f1400-14??[c1380-b1440] France, Reims - ?, ?
harper (cordier)

[the given estimated life dates excludes that he could be the same as Baude Fresnel, born in Reims, 1384 until his death in 1397 or 1398 harper and organist at the court of Philip the Bold of Burgundy]

Title Parts

Tout par compas suy composes. Rondo. Canon 3vv
Ferrara Ensemble / Crawford Young. Arcana 32

Tied plesier. Rondo
A man a man cresmant (Lovers, do love in secret). Rondo
Dame excellent. Ballade. Soprano and instruments
Fala Musica: Anna Kellnhofer, Constance Allanic harp, Martin Erhardt organetto / Maurice van Lieshout recorder

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