Czapek, Leopold Eustache 17??-1840 Bohemia, ? - Iliria, ?
pianist, 1822-1835 music teacher in Vienna Austria, died in Iliria (now Croatia/Bosnia/Montenegro/Albania) which was under Austrian rule in 1840

Title Parts

Variation on a theme of Diabelli. Piano. 1822
no3 from Vaterlandischen Kunstlervereins, Diabelli's commission and collection of variations on his waltz in C by 51 composers
Bruno Canino

[] Divertimento. Piano and flute ad lib. op12
ms Hofbibliothek Vienna

[] 2me Fantaisie in c. Piano. 1829. op39
pub Fr. Hofmeister, Leipzig

[] 3me Fantaisie in E sharp. Piano. 1829. op40
pub Fr. Hofmeister, Leipzig

[] Adieu Paganini. Romance in A sharp. Piano
pub Brzezina, Warschau 1829
pub Fr. Hofmeister, Leipzig 1830

[] 2 Rapsodies. Piano
pub Mechetti, Vienna 1830

[] Nocturne. Piano
pub Mechetti, Vienna 1832

[] Allegro. Piano
ms Hofbibliothek Vienna

[] Sechs walzer. Piano
pub August Cranz, Leipzig

[] Vier walzer und trios. Piano
pub August Cranz, Leipzig

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