Dilley, Edgar Meck 21.feb.1874-jun.1960 USA Pennsylvania, Liverpool - Florida, St Petersburg
songwriter, lyricist, writer, member William Penn Charter School Glee Club, 1893-1897 studied architecture at the University of Pennsylvania where he was member of the Song Book Committee, the Chapel Choir and leader of the Glee Club, 1897-1911 still single residing with his parents at 1528 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia, 1900-1921 newspaper reporter and proofreader in Philadelphia, 1912-1922 residing with his wife at 512 Manhaim Street Germantown, 1930 citrus farmer and author in Florida, residing at 3029 Union Street St Petersburg ; son of wholesale merchant Franklin Peter Dilley (Ohio, Sandusky 9.dec.1849-31.mar.1920 Liverpool) and Maria Alice Meck (Liverpool 25.feb.1842-) ; 1911 in Philadelphia he married dressmaker/importer Katherine Gertrude Nash (Pennsylvania, Cressona 14.nov.1876-1923 Germantown) ; 1944 in St Petersburg Florida he married saleswoman Florence Sue

Title Parts

[] Hail, Pennsylvania. Alma mater of the University of Pennsylvania. 1895
words Edgar M. Dilley
music to the tune of "God save the tsar" by Aleksey Fyodorovich Lvov
Chorus of the University of Pennsylvania Glee Club. rec 6may1911. Victor Recordings B-10279

[] Pennsylvania, official song of the keystone state
words and music Edgar M. Dilley
copyright Edgar M. Dilley 17sep1908
copyright Joseph A. Butera 23jul1971
pub George L. J. Brennan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

[] Penn and the Red and Blue. Song from Merely a monarch
music by J. A. Williams
words Edgar M. Dilley
pub Lyric Music Co., Philadelphia 4may1909

[] Ave Pennsylvania
music by E. M. Dilley
words by S. Weir Mitchell
copyright Edgar M. Dilley, Philadelphia 22jun1909

[] Ave, Penn Charter. Alma mater of the William Penn Charter School
words Edgar M. Dilley
music ?

[] Who put the barn in Barnegat
words and music E. M. Dilley of Philadelphia and Charles A. Ulrich
copyright Edgar M. Dilley, Philadelphia 26nov1919

[] A lost heart. 2 Versions, for high voice and for low voice
music Preston Ware Orem
words Edgar M. Dilley
copyright Theodore Presser, Philadelphia 14jun1900

[] Mary Jane
music Preston Ware Orem
words Edgar M. Dilley
copyright Edgar M. Dilley, Philadelphia 18nov1901

writing: Mark Bennitt compiler. History of the Louisiana purchase exposition, comprising the history of the Louisiana territory, the story of the great exposition, embracing the participation of the states and nations of the world, and other events of the St Louis world's fair of 1904, compiled from official sources by Mark Bennitt, editor-in-chief.. Frank Parker Stockbridge, managing editor.. with an introduction by Walter B. Stevens.. Illustrated under direction of Edgar M. Dilley with more than four thousand engravings
pub Universal exposition publishing company, Saint Louis 10may1905

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