Doni, Antonio Francesco 'Antonfrancesco' 16.may.1513-1574 Italy, Florence - Moncelise near Padua
poet, violist, printer

Title Parts

[] Dialogo della musica. Part I Piacenza 1543, Part II Venice 1544
Play with tales and discussions about the madrigals and motets, sung in this play, by Claudio Veggio, Vincenzo Ruffo, Jacques Arcadelt, Jacquet de Berchem, Michele Novarese (a fictitious composer), Paolo Jacopo Palazzo and Girolamo Parabosco.
With compositions by Doni
- (Intermezzo). Consort of viols
- Title unknown (Noi va dame noi..). Madrigal by the fictitious Michele Novarese.
? comp by Doni
Josquin Capella / Meinolf Bruser
2004-04-15 19:22:56