Dupin, Marc Olivier 1954- France, Paris
violinist, conductor

Title Parts

Album Psalms for the third millennium
arr Marc-Olivier Dupin
Marie Keyrouz voice, Ensemble de la Paix, Ensemble Orchestral de Paris / John Nelson. Virgin Classics 7243 545455
from Byzantine Liturgy of Holy Week. 7:09
- O Christ, who is life
- This day is hanged from the gallows-tree
- O life, do you die
- He who clothed the heavens
- We prostate before your sufferings
Maronite hymns for the Holy Week. 6'09"
- The disciples gathered in the place of the mysteries
- I am the afflicted mother
- Our Lord, have mercy on us
- The dove coos, bemoaning the scattering of her family
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