Dussek (Dusek) (Dusik), Jan Ladislav 12.feb.1760-20.mar.1812 Bohemia, Caslav - France, St Germain en Laye
pianist, 1779 piano teacher and organist in Mechelen Belgium, 1781 teaching the children of stadtholder Willem V in Den Haag Netherlands, 1783-1784 at the court of prince Radziwil in Lithuania, 1786-1789 lived in Paris, 1789 settled in London where he married and joined the music publishing firm of his father-in-law Domenico Corri, 1799 the firm went bankrupt and he fled to Hamburg, 1804-1806 in service of prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, 1807-1812 lived in Paris ; 31.aug.1792 at St Anne London Westminster he married singer/pianist/harpist/composer Sophia Corri (Scotland, Edinburgh 1.may.1775-a1828 England, London), their children: daughter pianist/harpist/organist/composer Olivia Dussek Buckley (London 20.sep.1800-1847 London Kensington), daughter Lucy Georgiana Dussek (Westminster 21.feb.1803/bap.1.apr.1803), son John Frederick Hodge Dussek (17.mar.1804/bap. St Anne, Westminster 24.apr.1804), son John Louis Dussek (1807-oct.1846 London St George)

[remark: although Jan Ladislav was registered as the legal father for all of Sophia's children, it is very unlikely he was the natural father of any of them because the couple did not have any child during the 8 years they were together, the first child was born about a year after he had fled England in 1799]

Title Parts

Sonata in G. Harp. pub1797. op2/2
Kyung-Hee Kim

Sonata in c. Harp. pub1797. op2/3
Ladislav Papp
1 - Allegro
2 - Andantino
3 - Rondo, allegro
Sonata in A flat. Piano. op5/3
Andre Raynaud

Sonata in C. Piano. op9/2
Markus Becker
1 - Allegro con spirito
2 - Larhetto con espressione
3 - Presto assai
[] Harp concerto in E flat. op15 - Rondo
Dagmar Platilova, Musici di Praga / Radomil Eliska
Piano concerto in F. 1792. op17
Marco Lagana, Orchestre Benedetto Marcello / Dario Lucantoni
1 - Allegro vivace
2 - Larghetto
3 - Rondo. Allegro
Tableau Marie Antoinette. Piano. 1793. op23
Andreas Staier

[] Sonata no3 in C. Piano, violin and cello. 1795. op31 - Scotch air Auld Robin Gray
- Allegro
Harald Hoeren, Suzanne von Bausznern, Phillipp Bosbach
Sonata in c. Piano. op35/2
Andreas Staier

Sonata no22. Piano. op47/1
Fantasie and fuga in f, for the piano forte, composed and inscribed to J. B. Cramer by his friend J. L. Dussek. Piano. op55
Andreas Staier

Sonata "Elegie harmonique sur la mort de son Altesse Royale le Prince Louis Ferdinand de Prusse". Piano. 1806. op61
Markus Becker
1 - Lento patetico
2 - Tempo vivace e con fuoco quasi presto
Fuga. Piano 4-hands. op64/1
Adrienne Soos, Ivo Haag

Fuga. Piano 4-hands. op64/2
Adrienne Soos, Ivo Haag

Fuga. Piano 4-hands. op64/3
Adrienne Soos, Ivo Haag

[] Duo concertant in E flat. Harp and piano. op69/2 - Les souvenirs
- Rondo
Edward Witsenburg, Jacques Ogg
Piano concerto in E flat. op70
Jan Novotny, Prague Philharmonic / Leos Svarovsky
1 - Allegro brillante ma non troppo
2 - Adagio ma non troppo lento
3 - Rondo. Allegretto moderatissimo
A che congiuri. Canzonetta. Soprano and piano
Claron McFadden, Bart van Oort

Or che un istante. Canzonetta. Soprano and piano
Claron McFadden, Bart van Oort

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