Dyutsh, Georgy Ottonovich (danish: Dutsch, Georg) 8/20.jan.1857-16/28.sep.1891 Russia, St Petersburg - St Petersburg
conductor, folk song collector, 1866-1875 studied violin, bassoon and piano at St Petersburg Conservatory, 1886 participated in the first folklore expedition of the Russian Geographical Society, 1889 joined the faculty of St Petersburg Conservatory ; son of the danish composer Otto Dutsch (Denmark, Copenhagen c1823-21.apr.1863 Germany, Frankfurt)

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[] (details unknown). 114 Folksongs. music collected 1886. posthumously published as "Pesni russkogo naroda" St Petersburg 1894
many were later arranged for voice and piano by Balakirev, Prokofyev and Rachmaninov

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