Ebel (Abel) (Aebel) (Abell), David sr. c1525-b1578 Germany, ? - ?Lubeck
organist, ratsmusikant, 1551-1557 at the Danish court in Rostock, oct.1557 at the baptism of princess Sophie of Denmark he was invited to take part in the court chapel in Gustrow, 1557 and 1564 in service of herzog Ulrich von Mecklenburg at Schloss Gustrow, 1555-1572 organist of the St Marienkirche Lubeck and residing at 'der papen Collatien' at the Fleischhauerstrasse, the rent of 10 Mark annually was paid by the church, 1564 he sold two trumpets to the court of Gustrow, 1573- again at the Danish court in Rostock ; 1555 he married unknown ; 1562 he married Catherine Rubbert (-2.apr.1620) ; father of David jr. and Hermann ; grandfather of David Ebel III and Johann Ebel

Title Parts

[] Estant assis. 4vv
composer Abel
in Le Parangon des chansons. Siriesme livre contenant xxv chansons nouvelles au fingulier prouffit & imprime a Lyon par Jaques Moderne 1540
ms Koniglichen Staatsbibliotek Munchen
[rem: this is not by David Ebel sr. because he was 15 years old in 1540]

[] (titles unknown)
compositions in the songbooks of the Danish royal court chapel of 1541
ms Royal Library Copenhagen
[rem: this is either not by this David Ebel sr. because he was 16 years old in 1541 and at the Danish court from 1551, or the year 1541 is the initial year of the songbooks]

[] In dulce jubilo (Fuga 6 vocum). Motet. Voices. c1556
ms c1556 ascribed to Dav. Abell
ms Royal Library Copenhagen

[] Fantasia Komm heiliger geist. Organ
? composed by David sr. or David jr. or David III
in the Pelplin tablature, Poland c1630

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