Ebel (Abel) (Aebel) (Abell), Hermann c1562-1616 Germany, Lubeck - Lubeck
organist, spielgreve, ratsmusikant, 1579-1589 organist of the Marienkirche in Stralsund, 1590-1611 of the St Petrikirche in Lubeck, 1593 he was registered as Burger in Lubeck which means he was 30 years old, 1894 appointed werkmeister which he gave up the same year, to offset his income he was appointed spielgreve and ratsmusikant, 1606 he was invited to Wismar to evaluate the new Henning Kroger organ at the Marienkirche and 1611 the Kroger organ at the St Georgenkirche, 1611-1616 organist of the St Marienkirche Lubeck, 1614 of the St Georgenkirche Wismar ; son of David sr. ; brother of David jr. ; 1593 he married unknown (-18.nov.1601) ; 2.may.1602 he married Elsabe (-b1620)

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