Ambrosz nee Edelsberg, Filippine (Philippine) von (fem) 1835-19?? Austria Steiermark, ?Graz - ?Vienna
alto singer, pianist, 'dilletante' meaning that she was of higher social rank or of noble birth, 1857 debuted at the theatre in Pressburg Austria (now Bratislava Slovakia), 1858-1860 engaged in Graz Steiermark, 1860 in Linz Austria, 1862 at the Hofoper in Munchen, 24/26.may.1863 and 20/22.May.1866 she sang with Jenny Lind at the 40th and 43th Niederreinisches Musik-Fest in Dusseldorf, 18.jan.1865 at Diligentia in Den Haag, 19.jan.1965 at Eruditio Musica in Rotterdam, 20.jan.1865 at Felix Meritis in Amsterdam, 1865 she debuted in London, 2.apr.1865 at Covent Garden and 11.apr.1865 as Fides (the best since Viardot-Garcia) in Le Prophete at the Italian Opera in London, 1865-1867 engaged at the Hofoper in Berlin where she also sang at the salons of comte Potocki, April and May 1867 sang the roles of Romeo, Azucena, Favoritin, Rosina and Fides at the Rigaer Theater, 24.jan.1869-1872 engaged at Theatre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussel where she debuted as Leonore in La Favorite, 19.may.1870 debuted at Theatre Italien in Paris, 1871 she toured the south of the USA with a French Opera Troupe, where she performed in New Orleans and 22.may.1871 sang in The Barber of Seville at Tremont Opera House in Galveston Texas, 15.jul.1871 she arrived from New Orleans in London, 1873 engaged at La Scala in Milan, 29.jul.1880 she sang at the Casino in Spa England, 20.may.1882 she sang in the opera Rabagas by Sardou at the National Theatre in Belgrade which ended midway in a riot, 30.jan.1886 she sang in Wagner's Parsifal at the Concert annuel du Conservatoire at Theatre Royal in Liege, 28.mar.1886 in the premiere of Franz Servais' L'Apollonide at the Concerts Populaires in Brussel, 3.may.1886 she sang Isolde in Wagner's Tristan und Isolde at Theatre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussel, 1890 in the role of Valentine in Les Huguenots, 29.feb.1896 she sent a letter to Arthur Heulhard publisher in Paris, 18.jul.1897 she won 2e prix at the concours de piano de desmoiselles at the Conservatoire in Liege, c1900 she seems to have retired to Austria because only then her married name became known and c1900 she published music in Vienna ; her younger sister Bertha was opera singer at Theater An der Wien in Vienna in 1867 ; c1877 she married Ambrosz (1878 was the first year that her name appeared as Mme instead of Mlle Edelsberg)

Title Parts

[] Vielliebchen polka. Piano
published Schott, Paris 1868
ms Bibliotheque nationale de France, Paris
ms The British Library, St Pancras London

[] Ave Maria. Mezzosoprano, baritone and organ or piano
music Filippine von Ambrosz-Adelsberg
published by F. Rorich vormals F. Wessely Musikalienhandlung, Vienna 1897/1902
published by Musikverlagshaus, Vienna c1905
ms St Anna church Weisskirchen, Austria (now Bela Crkva, Serbia)

[] Nachtgesang von Goethe. Duett fur eine Sopran- und eine Alt-Stimme mit begleitung des orchesters oder pianoforte
music J. H. Franz
mentioned probably as singers and not as co-composers Pauline Lucca and Filippine von Edelsberg
published Andre, Offenbach Germany
ms Landesbibliothek Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schwerin Germany

writing: Ein Weihnachtsgeschenk. Novelle. 1865
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