Edwards, George Thornton 6.may.1868-21.may.1932 USA Maryland, Annapolis - Maine, Portland
organist, pianist, choral conductor, author, 1873 moved to Portland, studied organ with George W Marston in Portland, member National Community Music Association, member of the National Alliance de Edition Societe et Civique, conductor of the People's Community Chorus Portland, appointed State Musical Director during WWI, organist of several churches in Portland, member of the Haydn Association Portland, teacher of singing at the State School for Boys, pianist in the Arden Coombs Orchestra, Director-General of the State Liberty Chorus of Maine, president of Geo T Edwards Real Estate Co., 1930 he resided in Falmouth Maine ; son of lumber merchant Thomas Edwards (Pennsylvania, Pebbleham 1835-) and Mary Josephine Pierce (Massachusetts, New Bedford 2.dec.1842-); 14.feb.1893 he married Caroline Content Sackett (NY, Rochester 19.jul.1872-16.may.1949 California, Monterey) ; sons Walter Russell Edwards (Portland 31.oct.1905-3.oct.1992 Maine, York Harbor) and Theodore King Edwards (Portland 10.apr.1907-1.mar.1988 Georgia, Gainesville)

Title Parts

[] State of Maine, my state of Maine (State Grange). Song
words and music George Thornton Edwards
pub Underwood Music Co., Portland, Maine 1913
adopted as the society song by State of Maine Societies in many states in the Union, is used by the granges in Maine as part of the service in conferring the subordinate degrees, has been sung by thousands of school children throughout the State and was sung during the Maine Centennial 1920

[] Rock-a-bye baby. 1912
[] America, my America, a national peace anthem. 1914
[] A rainy day. 1914
words Longfellow

[] Soldier's parting song. 1914
[] A prayer. 1914
[] My heart's in Tipperary where the river Shannon flows. 1915
[] My memories
[] Liberty, sweet liberty
[] America my country
[] The land of sweet adventure
[] Marcia reale. Italian national hymn
[] Little child's evening prayer
[] Golden wedding song
words Caroline Sackett Edwards

writing: Music and musicians of Maine. Being a history of the progress of music in the territory which has come to be known as the state of Maine, from 1604 to 1928. Portland, Maine 1928
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