Engle, Henry Everett 30.sep.1849-12.apr.1933 USA West Virginia, Barbour County (1.5 miles north of Carrollton) - Braxton County, Otter (district), Exchange (town)
farmer, 1880 in Gilmer County, De Kalb, 1900-1933 in Braxton County, Otter ; son of carpenter William Engle (Virginia, Pendelton 9.apr.1824-30.mar.1906 Gilmer Co) and Tabitha Dorcas Criss (Barbour Co 12.oct.1823-1906 Gilmer Co, Tanner) ; 29.oct.1885 in Braxton County he married Julia P Loyd (Gilmer Co 7.aug.1862-10.jun.1951 Braxton Co)

Title Parts

[] The West Virginia Hills
words Mrs. Ellen King (b. Glenville 22apr1846)
first published by Ellen King, Glenville 15sep1885
actually written by her husband Reverend David King in 1879
copyrighted by H. E. Engle 1886, renewal 1913
copies were sold by H. E. Engle, Lloydsville (near Otter and Exchange), West Virginia 1886
adopted as official state song for West Virginia 28feb1963

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