Enschede, Johannes (Johan) IV 20.nov.1811-16.aug.1878 Netherlands, Haarlem - Haarlem
amateur cellist and composer, with Johannes Josephus Viotta and Jan Pieter Heye founder of the student orchestra Sempre Crescendo in Leiden, 16.dec.1844 he organized and played in a performance of Haydn's Schopfung at the concert hall Kruisstraat which was rehearsed at his home at the Damstraat in Haarlem, 1847-1860 founder and conductor of the Wega Choir in Haarlem

member of the printer family:
Isaack (founder) 16.apr.1681-1.may.1761 Haarlem - Haarlem
Johannes I (son of Isaack) 10.jun.1708-21.nov.1780 Haarlem - Haarlem
Johannes II (son of I) 16.nov.1750-29.jul.1799 Haarlem - Haarlem
mr. Johannes III (son of II) 7.mar.1785-8.oct.1866 Haarlem - Haarlem
Johannes IV (son of III) 20.nov.1811-16.aug.1878 Haarlem - Haarlem

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