Fahle, Paul G 11.jul.1866-17.nov.1924 Germany, Witten - USA Texas, Houston
stock/investment broker, amateur musician, 1.jun.1886 emigrated to the USA Indianapolis, 1888 secretary of the Unabhaengiger Turnverein corner Ohio and Illinois Streets in Indianapolis, 1889-1891 residing at 124 North Tennessee Street Indianapolis, 1893-1895 at 276 South Meridian Street Indianapolis, 4.oct.1894 naturalized American, 1898-1899 residing at 1017 Newman Street, 1900-1906 as real estate dealer residing at Ohio Street Indianapolis, 1909-1910 as broker residing at 3425 Pestalozzi Street St Louis, 1913-1922 at 3503/3547 Hallyday Avenue St Louis, 1915 shortly residing in Rochester NY, 14.oct.1922-1923 as investment broker residing at 3402 Mt Vernon Street in Houston Texas, 1924 at time of death residing at 1218 Marshall Avenue Houston ; son of Wilhelm Fahle and Hellen Grosse ; jun.1896 in Indianapolis he married public school teacher Annabella Schley (Indianapolis 8.feb.1871-31.oct.1951 Houston) ; son Robert Schley Fahle (St Louis 8.jul.1909-4.sep.1964 San Diego) ; son geologist Paul Bartlett Fahle (St Louis 12.aug.1910-2.dec.1954 Louisiana, Shreveport) member of the Geological Society Glee Club in Houston

[while all his whereabouts are well documented (only mentioned some to trace cities of residence during his lifetime), there is no documentation on his musical activities]

Title Parts

[] Missouri. Song
words and music Paul Fahle
pub Missouri Music Publishing Co., St Louis 1911
copyright Paul Fahle, St Louis, Missouri 5jun1911

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