Fillmore, Augustus Dameron 7.sep.1823-5.jun.1870 USA Ohio Gallia, Addison - Cincinnati (typhoid fever)
hymn writer/collector, baritone singer, minister, 1820-1840 his family with 11 children (of which he was the last) resided in Addison in Gallia county with postoffice at nearby Gallipolis (son James Henry gave Gallipolis as his father's birthplace because his birth was registered there), after 1840 the family moved 4 miles west, to Springfield Gallia county with postoffice at Pine Grove (a Fillmore genealogy gives erroneously Pine Grove as his birthplace), 1850 he resided at the home of his older brother Comfort Lavius in Cincinnati, 1855-1863 residing in Paris Illinois, 1864-1870 residing as music teacher, instrument seller and music publisher at 1208 East Front Street Cincinnati, preacher and singing school teacher in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, as Baptist minister and later of the Disciples of Christ Church serving parishes in Ohio and Illinois ; son of farmer Adan Fillmore (Connecticut, Franklin 1.mar.1781-9.sep.1871 Springfield) and Anna Hartshorn (Franklin 5.may.1782-1.sep.1863 Springfield) ; 29.jun.1848 in Cincinnati he married soprano singer Hannah M Lockwood (Cincinnati 17.jan.1826-30.mar.1896 Cincinnati) ; of 7 children 3 composers James Henry (Cincinnati 1.jun.1849-7.feb.1936 Cincinnati), Frederick Augustus (Illinois, Paris 15.may.1856-15.nov.1925 Cincinnati) and Charles Millard (Illinois, Paris 15.jul.1860-18.sep.1952 Indianapolis)

Title Parts

The blessed bible. Song
John Aler t, Clifford Jackson bt, Peter Basquin piano/harmonium, Harmoneion Singers / John Miner

Ohio. Song

Henry. Song

Firmament. Song

[] Song of steam
pub S. Brainard & Co., Cleveland 1850

[] Song of the lightning
[] Christian Psalmist. Hymn tunebook. Cincinnati 1847
edited with singing preacher Silas W. Leonard
in both shape-notes and a numerical notation, invented by/with his brother Comfort Lavius Fillmore
ran through many editions, the 7th and 18th (the last) published by his son Charles M. Fillmore in Cincinnati

[] Universal Musician. Hymn book
pub H. S. & J. Applegate, Cincinnati 1852 (copyright 1849)
containing his own composition:
[] - The wandering boy
[] Temperance Musician. Hymn book
pub Applegate & Co., Cincinnati 1854 (copyright 1853)

[] New Nightingale. Normal school singer. Songs for 1 to 4 voices
pub Applegate & Co., 43 Main Street, Cincinnati 1859 (copyright 1857)
containing his own compositions:
[] - Sun, moon and stars
[] - Washington's grave
[] - My soul is full of music
earlier pub J. L. Peters, New York 1853
[] - I saw him once before. words O. W. Holmes
[] - Our old homestead. words Phoebe Cary
earlier pub G. W. Brainard & Co., Louisville 1850
[] - O native music
[] - Indian's farewell
[] - The telegraph
[] - The skylark
[] - A hundred years ago
[] - Belshazzar's feast
[] - Mt Shepherd
[] - The household
[] - Don't kill the birds
[] - Father is coming
[] - Harvest song
[] - My mother's bible
[] - On Jordan's stormy banks
[] - Book of books
[] - Preservation
[] - O, how glorious
[] Harp of Zion. Hymn tunebook. Cincinnati 1865
in both shape-notes and a numerical notation, invented by/with his brother Comfort Lavius Fillmore
pub R. W. Carroll & Co., Cincinnati 1865

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