Fillmore, James Henry jr. 3.dec.1881-7.dec.1956 USA Ohio, Cincinnati - Florida, Miami
bandmaster, editor, 1901 graduated from Miami Military Institute, 1901 became editor for the Fillmore Brothers publishing in Cincinnati which he continued at 522-528 Elm Street as Fillmore Music House band music publishing and music store, his father condemned his interest in band music but his compositions and arrangements brought the company so much financial benefit that the religious publications were eventually completely dropped, 1921-1926 bandmaster of the Syrian Temple Shrine, 1926-1938 organized the Fillmore Band, 1938 moved to Miami because of heart problems but remained very active as band organizer in Florida, he was one of the most successful and popular bandmasters in the US ever, he used the pseudonyms Harold Bennett, Gus Beans, Ray Hall, Harry Hartley, Al Hayes, Will Huff, Henrietta Moore ; son of composer James Henry sr. (Cincinnati 1.jun.1849-7.feb.1936 Cincinnati)

Title Parts

Shoutin' Liza trombone (also published as Hallelujah trombone). Trombone and piano. 1920
[] Activity march. Military band. 1923
published under the pseudonym Harold Bennett

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