Frotzler, Carl (pseud: Auer, Carl) 10.apr.1873-8.jul.1960 Austria, Stockerau - Stockerau
organist, pianist, conductor, until 1888 studied music with his father, 1887 aged 14 composed a grand mass, studied with Franz Krenn at Vienna Conservatory, 1887-1893 organist at the Pfarrkirche in Stockerau, 1887-1893 chamber virtuoso and pianist to Prince Heinrich Reuss IV, 1893-1897 kapellmeister to count Nicolaus Esterhazy in Totis Hungary, 1898 conductor at the Stadtheater in Linz-on-Danube, 1938 active in Vienna, 1953 retired to Stockerau

Title Parts

[] Arnelda. Opera. Esterhazy Schloss Totis, Hungary nov1894 and 1895
libretto after Musaus
won a prize of the German-American Opera Society, Philadelphia

[] Corwin Matyas (Mathias Corvinus). Opera. Royal Opera, Budapest 13sep1896
[] Mathias Corvinus. Volksoper. Klavierauszug
pub Jungmann & Lerch, Vienna 1897
pub (libretto) Josef Eberle, Vienna

[] Symphony. b1918
[] Scherzo for orchestra. b1918
[] Tanzweisen. Piano. b1918
[] Valse de concert. Piano. b1918
[] Festmarch. b1918
[] 3 Masses. b1918
[] several Offertorios. b1918
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