Gartman, Foma Aleksandrovich (Hartmann, Thomas de) 9/21.sep.1885-26.mar.1956 Ukraine, Khoruzhevka - USA New Jersey, Princeton
pianist, painter, 1916 became a follower of philosopher/mystic Georges Gurdjieff ; son of philosopher Eduard von Hartmann

Title Parts

White Movements Book. Piano. 2h 08:00
composed with George Gurdjieff
Wim van Dullemen
- Movements. 1920-1925
- The essential prayer. 1918
* - The initiation of a priestess. 1922
- The struggle of the magicians. 1919-1925
Hymne religieux, priere et procession. Piano
composed with Thomas de Hartmann
Alain Kremski. Valois 4633

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