Gelbart, Mikhl (Michl) (Max) 21.aug.1888-jan.1963 Poland, Ozorkow - USA NY, New York
jewish musician, critic and teacher, he gave his year of birth totally arbitrary as 1887 or 1888 or 1889 (it looks like he really didn't know) and his name as Michl, Michael or Max, 1906 cantor and choral conductor at the synagogue in Lodz, 14.apr.1912 emigrated to the USA, 11.oct.1921 naturalized American, 1917 residing as music teacher/vocal teacher at 32 St Marks Place New York City, 1920 residing as Hebrew school teacher at 1021 Baltimore Street in Baltimore, 1922 residing as teacher at 1725 East Balto Street in Baltimore, 1928 visited England with his wife, 1930 as musician teaching school residing in Philadelphia, 1940 as private music teacher residing at 1049 Fox Street Bronx, 1942 employed as music teacher at Workmen's Circle (Arbeter Ring) 175th Street Broadway, 1942 residing at 2190 Boston Road New York City ; c1915 in New York City he married Hinde (Poland, Biala 21.aug.1890-) ; they had no children

Title Parts

Di nakht (The night). Song. Voice and piano
composed with Aaron Domnits
Shoshana Kalisch, Huw Warren. We Died In Hell Map Records 93004

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